The Olympics of Aging: ​How the Seven Movements Patterns Can Make Anyone a Better “Athlete”.

I didn’t watch this years summer Olympics all that much.

Its not that I wasn’t interested its just that I don’t like to sit around and watch others being active when I can be outdoors being physically active myself.

I prefer to be participating in my own Olympic events like kayaking, running, biking, hiking and of course… fishing (when you catch as many big fish as I do it can be exhausting).

And, like the Olympians on TV, I too have been busy physically training everyday for the upcoming “Olympic” events in my life.

Consistently, six out of seven days (early mornings) every week, no matter what and no matter where I am, I physically train my body for 20-45 minutes…

Why you ask?

Well, besides the obvious health and fitness reasons, it is because I consider myself to be a serious and committed “Olympic” athlete seeking to live a Gold Medal life until my very last breath.

I hope you to consider yourself to be a committed Olympic athlete too who is seeking to perform at a Gold Medal level all the days of your life…

Webster defines an athlete as someone who is “committed to improving their physical performance”.

My guess is that you prefer not to see your physical performance steadily decline as you age?

Heck no, I imagine instead you would like to at least maintain your current level of physical performance or even better, IMPROVE it even as you age.

If you have that kind of mindset and attitude, then by definition, you my friend are an athlete.

I should tell you too, that I have very little natural athletic ability.
Most of my friends growing up and many of my current friends have a lot more genetic athletic gifted-ness than I do.

However (and this is really good news for me and maybe you too) ANYONE can improve their physical performance skills which does gradually lead to more athletic ability.

The benefits of gaining athletic ability include being able to move better in your own body, better balance, body composition, less pain and improved confidence, energy and health.

Another benefit is that you can more actively and effectively participate in all of life, including sports such as tennis, golf or whatever your sport of choice or favorite physical activity might be.

Even with my own lack of natural athletic ability, by doing the right type of training over time, at 57 years old (soon to be 58) I can perform at a moderately respectable level in nearly any sport with a little practice.

Why so? Because I have practiced getting better and stronger at the seven “primal” movement patterns of the body very consistently for many years now.

And you can do the same no matter your age or health condition and even if you have neglected practicing these movements for a long time.

Yep, you can get started now and gain ever increasing athletic ability each week pretty much for the rest of your life…
And I, for one, think that is a pretty cool thing!

It does help if you know what to do, how to do it, when to do it, etc.

So what should you do? With that in mind I would like to introduce you to the Seven Primal Movement Patterns of the Human Body along with 1-2 exercises you can do to improve your performance in those seven movement patterns.

But keep in mind that for these 7 movement patterns to work their aging and athletic “magic” you will need to be committed to mastering them over time.

Committed to mastering them does not mean having to spend hours training each day.

No, the most important thing to do is to be consistent with your training, even if it is just 10-15 minutes per day.

Even 5 minutes of focused training done every day can work “fountain of youth” miracles.

When you see the Olympic athletes performing their precision moves under pressure, you can be assured that they are able to do this because they have put in their time on a very consistent basis to master those movements.

In the little bit of the Olympics I have watched, I have to say that what these athletes are able to do truly is amazing.

What amazes me even more though, is when I see a person over the age of 50 who has never really felt “athletic” begin practicing the seven movement patterns and becoming stronger and more proficient in them.

It is an incredible moment for sure to see the joy they feel when they begin to realize an athletic potential that has laid dormant way too long…

If you would like to see your own physical performance and athletic potential awaken to ever improving levels, consider finding a way to practice the seven movements patterns listed below.

If you do, I promise you that you will gain tremendous benefits on a physical, mental/emotional and even spiritual level.
And who knows maybe someday we will see you competing in the senior Olympics:)

The Seven Movement Patterns of the Human Body

Movement Pattern Number One: Squatting.
Two great exercises for this movement are body weight or kettle bell goblet squats.

Movement Pattern Number Two: Upper Body Pull.
Three point rows, upright rows and body weight suspension rows are excellent for this movement.

Movement Pattern Number Three: Upper Body Push.
My favorite upper body push movements include all forms of push-ups and one arm overhead Kettle bell presses.

Movement Pattern Number Four: Bending/Hip Hinge.
Any form of dead lift (One leg dead lifts are best with or without resistance ) or kettle bell swings works this crucial movement.

Movement Pattern Number Five: Twisting/Rotation of the Core. Doing any strength movement with one arm or leg involves some rotation of the core. Another great rotation/core movement is the diagonal wood chop, which is also an excellent warm-up for all exercise movements.

Movement Pattern Number Six: Striding.
The striding movement is simply walking, jogging, running, biking or jumping forward.

Movement Pattern Number Seven: Lunging.
All forms of lunging with or without resistance) obviously train this movement including stationary, forward, backwards or side lunges.

When using, designing or evaluating any exercise or fitness program, pay attention to see if it includes these seven movement patterns.

You will want to use a program that has a systematic progression for you to become better and stronger in these seven movements at least 2-3 days per week.

My program, 50FIT-Bring On the Future is a great way to start and is being used successfully by people around the world (56 countries so far).

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Stay Strong, Fred

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